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Stop me when this starts to sound painfully familiar: I fling open my closet doors, followed by the top of my steamer trunk, and sigh. Next, clothes are being hung along the top of the closet doors like birds on a wire, or tossed onto my bed until it resembles the Pyranees mountain range. I’m tripping over shoes as I line them up across the floor along my bed and under my suspended clothing conga line, balancing bags up and down my arms as I go.  Welcome to last-minute outfit planning, WHOISBOBBPARRIS-style.

You don’t have to be a fashionista to know the anxiety-inducing hassle of trying to figure out what to wear tonight, tomorrow, or for the week ahead, not to mention any special events that will throw the proverbial ‘spanner in the works’, as the Brits like to say. Life would be so much easier if there was a way to digitally organise your outfits in the same way that we’ve gone tech with everything else. So, imagine my unchecked glee when the incredible people at Vault Couture invited me to try out their wardrobe organization service and digitize a collection of outfits for me.

A lab-coated and gloved team of curators descended on my apartment, bagging and boxing up my belongings with swift and knowing movements that demonstrated their depth of experience. Before I knew it, all of my capsule wardrobe was professionally photographed and a confirmation email alerted me to my online account going live and ready for action.

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(Image courtesy of Vault Couture)

There they were, my garments and accessories beautifully photographed and ready to be sorted and saved into looks. From noting and picturing minor blemishes to recording each item’s information and history with discretely-placed bar codes, no detail was overlooked.

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Sorting out what to wear to a series of meetings in the coming week and dinner with friends was done in a few clicks. Also, that yellow Burberry dress that somehow has never been worn was given some attention, simply styled and ready to be pulled out for a lunch date with friends once the weather warms up.

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The wardrobe services available from Vault Couture are so wide-ranging and the permutations endless, but you can still pick and choose the right combo for you. From bite-sized services like a wardrobe detox or styling session, to digitizing your entire wardrobe, to the more extensive warehousing and international courier service – yes, Vault Couture can even send you those perfect shoes that you forgot to pack for your holiday – there is something for everyone’s closet (and budget!)

By the way, one of the best kept secrets of online shopping has got to be Vault Couture’s online boutique, which is filled with designer pieces at a fraction of their original cost: one-of-a-kind items, perfectly-preserved vintage, brand new recent-season, and nearly new items. In two words: a dream.

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All images and screenshots of my items courtesy of Vault Couture.