There is a refreshingly democratic spirit and accessibility about blogs, and Lucky‘s Editor-in-Chief Brandon Holley is definitely keen to build a bridge between more established and new media.

With that in mind, Brandon Holley and the lovely people of Lucky have organized the inaugural Fashion and Beauty Blog (FABB) conference in New York to take place on February 8, 2011, and I have been lucky (*sorry – couldn’t resist*) enough to be invited to attend.

Previous commitments are sadly keeping me from jetting over to the Big Apple, but I wanted to share some details about this event, and also break some *EXCLUSIVE* news about the conference that was just sent to me!

Cleverly positioned to take place in the week leading up to New York Fashion Week and as part of Social Media Week, this conference is an excellent opportunity to hear from blog experts, photographers, and even Lucky’s editors and staff.  

OKAY, so here’s the exclusive news that Lucky has just shared with me: the Vena Cava girls will be speaking AND guest blogging for Lucky that week!  See some of their SS/11 collection from last New York Fashion Week here.

This is exciting news for anyone attending the conference as their show is only two days later so we will get a peek at what that run-up (and post-show) looks like, not to mention understanding the conference from their perspective.  

Brandon Holley herself will be hosting, and a list of experts on hand to learn from and meet can be found here.

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