“A woman can be overdressed, never over-elegant.” – Coco Chanel, Vogue On Coco Chanel by Bronwyn Cosgrave.

Just before the fashion month circus kicked off, I was lucky enough to attend an event at Chanel’s Bond Street location in London hosted by my friend, fashion journalist, curator and broadcaster Bronwyn Cosgrave, and British Vogue Fashion Editor Francesca Burns. With Bronwyn’s expert commentary on the history of Chanel – of both the house and Gabrielle herself –  and Francesca’s deft styling, we were held in rapt attention.  The event coincided with the release of Bronwyn’s insightful book on Coco Chanel, full of images from the Vogue archive and an investigative look at her career, which is part of the ‘Vogue On’ series of books on influential designers.

You can purchase Vogue On: Coco Chanel from Collette, Amazon, Waterstones, and other literary retailers.

Images taken with my iPhone.