Well, I never thought I’d see the day when I would end up on a page of a magazine, let alone sharing print space with Diane Keaton ;-).   Of course, as I mention in my profile, the picture of me below was taken by Garance Doré.  That scarf is one of the most loved things in my wardrobe, and I’m glad the weather is finally getting chilly enough to wear this look. 

 A few friends back home in Canada and in the US alerted me to my popping up in the magazine (“You’re famous!!” No, I’m not. “Yes, you are!” Umm…no, I’m not. (repeat x20)), and I managed to track down a copy here in London (and yes, my parents did go out and buy a couple of copies themselves – that’s what parents do :).  I decided to post it on my blog since my lovely friend Jordana has done a feature about it on Fashion in Motion, the online magazine to which she contributes.  
For technical reasons beyond my comprehension, I have been trying to add her blog White Cabana to my blog roll without any success since the day I started mine, so at least I now get the chance to tell you all about her site.  It is beautifully conceptualized and inspirational, so definitely take a visual stroll through her posts – there have been some truly beautiful finds.