Leila Kashanipour is as beautiful as she is talented, so I felt incredibly privileged to have been asked to photograph the new campaign for her  jewellery line, LeiVanKash.  The new campaign features her gorgeous New York-based friend, Mija Knezevic, as the new face of her brand.  I’ve done live music shoots, portraits for a TV/film actress, and have shot for Leila before, but this shoot was definitely the most pressure-filled and the most fun by a mile.

The campaign images will be up on LeiVanKash.com soon, and I can’t wait to see the final edit and artwork.  In the mean time, watch this video of all the behind-the-scenes fun.  It’s very rare that you (or even I) get to see me in action!  Turn up the volume and enjoy!

The shoot was styled by Mija herself, the video was shot by the talented videographers Shaun Bayliss and Josh Cohen, and hair and make-up by the lovely Charlotte Thompson.