Leandra was in London for barely a blink of an eye, but we managed to find time to pop over to Peony’s place for a lazy afternoon of decadent, caramel-topped cheesecake, fruity iced tea (both homemade by Peony!) and lots of giggles.  

If the monocle becomes a trend, you saw it on Leandra first.

Snapping Leandra = incredibly easy.
How adorable are these Sandro shoes?

Snapping Peony = also incredibly easy.
Snapping Peony + Cinderella, not so easy.

Snapping Leandra + Cinderella, also not so easy.

So what does one wear to meet the Man Repeller? Well, the rest of fashion may be referencing the 70s, but I’m going through a bit of a personal 50s revival at the moment (which started with using Janelle Monae as my hair inspiration): a midi-length circle skirt, canvas and leather wing-tips/brogues and ankle socks.  (There’s still time left in the season. I may yet bring back the 70s afro…).
(photo taken by Peony with my cam!)

By the way, I do indeed have a right arm, but I was holding my birth control glasses to the side.  Speaking of which, here are my beloved Tom Fords:

(Again, photo by Peony)
Wondering about the slight concern on our faces?  Well, a strange man stopped his taxi, got out and went straight for Cinderella in an apparent attempt to dogknap her! Thankfully, she’s still safe and sound.
If for some reason you have never come across Leandra’s hilarious blog, The Man Repeller, you can find it here, as well as more about her visit here.

You can also keep up with her on Twitter @ManRepeller.

Peony’s lovely blog can be found here.

You can also follow Peony on Twitter @peonylim