Although born in the depths of a Canadian winter, I am a summer child at my core (a very Canadian love of hockey, skating and skiing excepted!).

I woke up the other day to a rare cloudless sky in London, but sliding open the patio snapped me back into a chilly reality.  I made a cup of tea, sunk into the sofa and slipped into lazy summer dreaming.  And, because it was her birthday, I got to thinking about my trip to visit my friend Julieta and her family in the south of Spain.  

She, her boyfriend Guillermo, his friends and I spent most of every day on beaches, followed by long, hazy nights in and around the towns.

I have missed shooting with film and expired Polaroid from my art school days (which preceded my very serious law school days) – I used to practically LIVE in the darkroom, developing and printing my own film!  Ah, the good ol’days…I can almost smell the fixer now. 

I thought I’d share these photos with you to warm up this not-so-summery February day.  

So, what do you think?  Would you like to see some analog/old-school photos in the future?