In a nutshell: Lawyer. Photographer. I am from Toronto, Canada and based in London, England. I like licorice. I never go anywhere without a camera.

My creative journey probably started with music: carted off to private lessons then music school by my parents for classical piano training.  But, it wasn’t until junior year in university, which I spent in Bordeaux, France, that photography became my main creative interest.  So, while studying French and Political Science/International Relations, I squeezed in fine art studies, focusing on fine art photography.

Law school and working at a firm, however, didn’t leave much time for photography, but when I found myself working out of the firm’s Frankfurt, Germany office, I started a “100 Strangers” personal project.  I challenged myself to take a picture of a stranger, during my lunch breaks or weekends away, as a way to commit to actually using my digital camera (I’m such a fan of film and Polaroid!), as well as carving out time for what I love to do.

I exclusively shot film up to a few years ago, so this blog has been as much a digital journey as a creative one. Thanks for coming along for the ride. xo

Photo by Garance Doré

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