Street Style, Illustrated: Me, Foster Lane, London

And now for a change of pace.  In a departure from the usual quick-fire photographic street style portraits, I found myself the subject of French street style illustrator Damian Florébert Cuypers’ keen eye and fast fingers.  Somehow, in all my rushing and darting around, Damian managed to capture me, as well as several other show-goers, on his hand-held sketchpad between collections during London Fashion Week.

Damian is a talented illustrator, whose work you can view on both his website and Tumblr.  More of his London Fashion Week illustrations can be viewed on the New York Times’s T Magazine blog.

I suppose this qualifies as a (very rare) outfit post of sorts, which will make my friend Jordana over at White Cabana very happy indeed ;).  What I’m wearing: zipper-detail wool dress (you can catch a glimpse of it in this lookbook film) and turtleneck by Cos, Marc by Marc Jacobs shoes, Zara trench, Tom Ford glasses, and Louis Vuitton Abbesses messenger bag.

Being ‘sketch snapped’ was a decidedly pleasant surprise, and undoubtedly one of my highlights from London Fashion Week.

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  1. Okay Michelle…this is a start…I love seeing your style…in illustration or otherwise. You never cease to inspire! p.s. Thanks for directing me to the work of Damian…what a very impressive collection of work!

  2. p.s. Are you done with your LV by any chance? I’d take good care of it if it needs a new home. Hee hee…hey, doesn’t hurt to try, right? Love it!

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