Welcome to whoisbobbparris.com!  My blog has grown so much from my “100 Strangers” project, so I felt it was time give it a shiny, new space to live.  I am so very excited to FINALLY be able to post photos with different orientations and sizes! Also, some lovely new features will hopefully make browsing and connecting a breeze:

  • Highlighted posts will periodically be added to the slideshow on the home page, as well as images to the rotating banner;
  • You can click on the tidied-up social buttons in the sidebar, which make it clearer and simpler to connect with each other;
  • The buttons below each post will make it easier to share the posts you like on the most popular platforms, and you can show some love by clicking the cute little heart;
  • If you’re a newer visitor, the thumbnails under “See More” on the left will introduce you to related and older posts you may have missed; and
  • A lovely grid of windows makes it easier to browse by month or category – just select a month or a category from the drop-down menus in the sidebar or footer. Go ahead – try it out!

So, have a look around and make yourselves at home.  And, let me know your thoughts below – your feedback is very useful and appreciated.

Also, you can now view my non-street style website, bobbparris.com, by clicking the link in the above menu bar.



8 Responses to “Welcome!”

  1. YAY! YAY! YAY! Congrats Michelle! Looks AMAZING! Clean, easy to navigate…and best of all…full of amazing photos!

  2. Ylenia says:

    as one of your first follower, I must say I saw your work evolving and getting better day by day. This new website is the perfect ‘house’ of your beautiful pictures. Congratulation and keep on blogging and making pics darling!!

    Love, Ylenia | Longuette
    Check on my interview to a Plus size model on my blog! I’d love your comment!

    • Michelle Bobb-Parris says:

      You are an absolute STAR, Ylenia! And yes, you’ve been there from the beginning – thanks so very much for your support and your kind words!! I’ve seen your blog grow and get more and more beautiful (even if I haven’t been commenting for a little bit!) *virtual hug!* xx

  3. Dag says:

    Congrats Michelle, what a nice change! I will visit you here very often:)

  4. a la mode says:

    This looks incredible! Well done Michelle <3

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