Stella in the garden, London

After today’s royal nuptials, Stella popped by for a chat and we took some pictures in the gardens downstairs.  My back may slowly be getting back to normal, but you only realise how much you’ve hurt it when you start squatting and contorting yourself to snap some pictures (ouch!).  Here’s one of the shots before using the rest of this lovely long weekend to take it easy!

Did any of you watch William and Catherine’s wedding today? What did you think of THE dress?

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  1. Eda. says:

    Lovely photo, i hope the back is on the mend!
    I watched the wedding it was wonderful, it brought a tear to my eye i felt so lucky to have a royal family. The dress was phenomenal!

    *following your blog*

    Eda <3

  2. Thank you Eda ♥! Yes, the wedding was beautiful, and the dress looked gorgeous on her. I'm so glad that the weather held up!

    Thanks for following as well! :)) x

  3. Lauren says:

    The wedding was beautiful and the dress was perfect!

    The Styleseer

  4. @Lauren – it was, and it was!

  5. Cheryl Lynn says:

    The bride's dress was beautiful but her sister's white dress was hot a less traditional. I liked it!

  6. *sunday* says:

    looking forward to seeing the rest of the photos. hope your back gets better soon!

  7. @ Cheryl Lynn – both were gorgeous, yes!

  8. @*sunday* – thank you!! xx

  9. I absolutely loved the dress and was so chuffed it was designed by Sarah Burton. So sorry to hear about your back Michelle! That totally sucks. Hope you're managing to take it easy. xx

  10. @the style crusader – thank you, yes! Definitely on the mend and back to normal soon I hope! xx

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