Autumn colours…. London

9 Responses to “Autumn colours…. London”

  1. eunicebee says:

    I absolutely love the powerful effect of the hair an d the boots!

  2. Marloes says:

    love her hair!

  3. great colors…amazing pic…love your blog

  4. pixpilgrim says:

    I love the colour tones, Canuckhead. Show me thy ways!!

  5. Ylenia says:

    as eunicebee said, I love the contrast of colours. The boots seems vintage, lovely!

  6. Pink says:

    woww lovely colors

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  7. agrogan says:

    So beautiful!

    I'm about to move to London, so I've been reading your blog for inspiration.

    Thank you!


  8. Camille says:

    i love this site! glad i've discovered it today…

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