At the shows…. Mark Fast SS/11, London


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  1. Love fringe! And pink is better!
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    thank you

  2. Marloes says:

    I love the color!

  3. David RANC says:

    It’s a great shot! The dress is less convincing: there is a good design idea (which could actually work better on a more curvaceous woman). Clearly, the designer has a good eye. The execution is not entirely satisfactory, though. The transition between the net and the fabric above the fringes leaves a lot to desire – the net looks distorted. This more or less destroys the fit or the dress, unfortunately. Can you imagine Saint-Laurent or Valentino allowing a dress with that mistake on the catwalk?

    I am always shocked by how often good designs are badly executed in London. The London fashion scene is going backwards in that respect. What distinguished the generation of McQueen & Galliano from its predecessors was less the creativity (there is raw creativity everywhere in this world) than the ability to create great items of clothing, well cut, well sewn… It is no surprise: McQueen learnt his trade on Savile Row, with the best tailors in the world. He knew everything about cut, pattern and sewing. Galliano’s collections progressed hugely as soon as he moved to Paris and could use the (still unrivalled) local skills of the seamstresses.

    As a friend of mine said: “My students cannot be creative with a piece of marble until they know how to use the tools to sculpt that marble. Technical skills are the condition to real creativity.”

    As I said: great capture! You shot the dress extremely well. And it is a very nice dress all in all.

    PS. Thanks for your comments on my blog! Let me know if I become too verbose!

  4. the movement in this shot is stunning michelle. xx

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