Amsterdam International Fashion Week, S/S 2011…. The clutch

3 Responses to “Amsterdam International Fashion Week, S/S 2011…. The clutch”

  1. pixpilgrim says:

    Yeah; somehow, I can't see myself walking around with this set up! 🙂

    Loving your series, though.

  2. Ylenia says:

    a man's clutch? that's new! it sound strange but onto this guys works wonder!
    like his bracelet.

  3. Thanks for your comments, both!

    Akin – I would be truly surprised if you worked clutches into your camera-toting gear 😉

    Ylenia – woman have been boring from men's closets for decades, so why not share some of our treasures too 😉 Not for every man, but if you can work it, go with it by all means!

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