The vintage dress

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  1. E.M. says:

    Why didn't anyone comment on this shoto?
    Despite I do not master the art of photography myself, I do fing that the light is beautiful in it and I like the way the street goes under the little arch at the background with the shapes of other figures walking there.
    It makes me feel of the street's light in the 1975 rue d'Argout shot by Helmut Newton for Yves Saint Laurent. Of course, the subject is uncomparable and this is not the same mise en scène, but the way the light comes is also mysterious and soft.


  2. Je te remercie pour ton (ta?) comment. I'm bilingual, but feeling a little more ''Anglophone'' today 🙂

    Thanks so much for your thorough and analytical comment! I think the lack of comments on many of my earlier photos (even though my blog is only 4.5 months old) is just because hardly anyone knew it was here 🙂

    bisous! M

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