100 Strangers…. Milan in monochrome

Head to toe…

… and a little bit of colour

Don’t you just love her sunglasses?

4 Responses to “100 Strangers…. Milan in monochrome”

  1. Ylenia says:

    the guy in the first picture reminds me of Marc Almond (from Soft Cell). A few years ago he got blonde!!!

    whereas the girl in the latest picture remind me of Ozzy Osbourne's daughter (what was her name?)


  2. That guy's hair was soooo white!

    You mean Kelly? I can see the face shape is similar, but this girl was definitely prettier:)

  3. Ylenia says:

    yes, Kelly!
    I agree Kelly is not tat pretty….

  4. Sorry! Didn't mean for my reply to come across the way it did – it's more from a position of having Kelly's image saturation/personality clouding any appeal she may have.

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